Hi! My name is Ronny Welter
I am a freelance frontend developer.

I build responsive websites, exceptional Wordpress themes and fancy real-time apps.

Frontend development with the latest technologies.

I use HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and many other industry standard technologies to build high quality websites, themes and applications.

Responsive webdevelopment

Laptop, iPad or iPhone. A site should look good on any device and screensize.
I know the tricks of the trade.

Wordpress themes and plugins.

I'm proficient at building custom Wordpress themes and plugins. Custom uses for Wordpress, multi-language support with the craziest of applications. No problem.

Applications built on top of the LightSpeed API to enhance your business. Done.


Freelance coder for hire

I write fancy code that makes the things on the internet work. I do this using HTM5, CSS3, jQuery, Javascript, NodeJS, WordPress and other cutting edge technologies. I’m proficient in what I do and I deliver quality beyond expectations. You’ll love working with me, I promise.

Integrate easily with API’s

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or any other API you fancy. They exist. That means we can make cool shit with them.

Modern web standards

You have probably heard of buzzwords like HTML5 and CSS3. I actually know what they are and how to use them. True story.

Backend Technologies

I’m used to working with PHP and WordPress to build interactive websites. If you’re looking at real-time applications, I can take care of that using Node JS.

Get in touch

Feel free to ping me for any future projects or inquiries.


"IO Art Factory features the production skills, knowledge and work ethic to complete projects perfectly. Full commitment and good consultation contributes to a great cooperation!"

− Charlotte Rinzema - Designly

"Ronny has been a terrific asset in every occasion. He is a solution-oriented, no bla-bla collaborator, who systematically delivers beyond expectations."

− Vincent Gallego - Senior Communications Consultant - Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels

"IO Art Factory is our favorite agency to work with."

− Ina Winterle - Rich Media Campaign Manager - Google UK

"I've very much enjoyed working together with Ronny not only for his punctuality, dedication and fun, but above all for his ability to make easy and understandable even the most abstract technical information."

− Lara Gavina - Account Manager - Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels

"Ronny has the very unique skill of understanding your gibberish and translating it to visuals and features with a lot of accuracy. Hire this guy."

− Stijn Verhaeghe - Walter Ego

Talk to me about your project.

Let’s see how I can help you get started on your next big thing.

A few of the brands and clients for whom I’ve created work