Your own website

These days, anybody and anything needs a website. Be it a website to promote your contest, a web application that runs on your mobile device and let’s you find a pizza place near you, or a platform that allows unschooled kids to learn skills and find a job. There’s a site for anything.

The latest technologies

Building websites happens in an ever-changing environment where change is a daily occurrence. New features and ideas make it to the internet every day while others are made obsolete at the very same time. Whenever I’m involved in a webdevelopment project, I tend to use try the latest and most adopted technologies available to achieve the best possible experience for your clients or users. Things like HTML5 and CSS3 should ring a bell these days. If you need real-time features like multi-user collaboration or realtime chatting, there’s technologies like Red5 or Node.JS available.

WordPress sites

Depending on your specific requests, it might be a great idea to resort to existing platforms like WordPress. These offer some great features out of the box and at the same time enable you to customize the site a great deal so it does exactly what you expected. The cool thing about this is that it would just require us to build a custom theme for you while WordPress regularly updates its core for performance and security. Free maintenance!

Zend Framework

For everything else that really requires a full custom build (assuming it’s more than just a basic one-pager), I use Zend Framework. This is a great framework that allows rapid and robust development. You can build anything with this framework, no matter how large or complex your project is or might become.