Building websites has become so easy in recent times and at the same time it has become so complex. What’s HTML5? What’s CSS3? Which features should you use? Why? How to make an application in HTML5 that used to be impossible several years ago unless you would have done it in Flash? Maybe you’d like to get a good grasp of the basics so you understand what the web is about or maybe you want to start building more projects internally. This can be learned.

About the workshop

The workshop exists in multiple formats

  • Introduction: A one-day course that goes over all basics so that you can start exploring things from there.
  • Advanced: A one-day course that goes into some advanced aspects and explains some more complex problems.
  • 2-day course: This is a combination of the introduction and the advanced course.

If you have a more custom requests, I can tailor the workshop to your team’s needs and build around some of your team’s requests.