Javascript & jQuery

Ever since the modern webbrowsers became so much more powerful and mobile devices have become real portable computers, very advanced and complex applications have found their way into the browsers without the need of proprietary plugins like Adobe Flash. Javascript has become the most important programming language of our time. A few days of workshops could teach you either the basics of Javascript or anything up to advanced uses of jQuery for desktop and mobile.

About the workshop

The workshop exists in multiple formats

  • Introduction: A one-day course that goes over all basics so that you can start exploring things from there.
  • Advanced: A one-day course that goes into some advanced aspects and explains some more complex problems.
  • Beginner to advanced: This two-day course is a combination of the introduction and the advanced course. Perfect if you want to get started with Javascript and want to be able to create advanced applications as soon as possible.

If you have a more custom requests, I can tailor the workshop to your team’s needs and build around some of your team’s requests.